Vouchers win voters President Bush’s

Vouchers win voters
President Bush’s education agenda is attracting black and Hispanic voters, writes Donald Lambro in the Washington Times.

What’s driving this black and Hispanic shift to Republicans? It is hard to say, but polls show growing support among minorities for school choice vouchers where inner city schools are failing. Many like Mr. Bush’s idea for personal Social Security investment accounts and his faith-based initiative to help the needy, much of which will go to black Baptist and evangelical churches.

Mr. Bush’s 2003 legislative agenda is reaching out aggressively to black voters: There is his $15 billion program to combat the AIDS epidemic in Africa; a sizable increase in assistance to historically black colleges; and a special voucher school choice program for the District of Columbia that D.C.’s Democratic Mayor Anthony Williams now supports.

Democrats will keep the teachers’ union, but otherwise labor support is weakening: A third of rank-and-file union members now vote Republican.

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