The $11,000 voucher School vouchers

The $11,000 voucher
School vouchers typically provide a fraction of what’s spent on public school students. Washington, D.C. students could get vouchers worth as much as $11,000 to cover tuition at secular or church-based schools. That’s a bit less than what the District is spending now — without educating many students. By contrast, the average parochial school charges $4,000 in annual tuition. USA Today reports:

(New Hampshire Sen. Judd) Gregg’s proposal, available to students whose families earn less than $52,000 for a family of four, would be limited by private-school tuition, so that if a student attended a Catholic school that costs $4,000 a year, he or she would get only $4,000; a student attending a prep school costing $20,000 would still get only $11,000.

The nation’s oldest voucher program, in Milwaukee, offers up to $5,500 to about 11,600 low-income students. A similar program in Cleveland gives up to $2,250 to about 5,000 students.

There are only 1,200 unfilled seats in private schools in the city. But the number of private schools would soar with $11,000 vouchers or anything close to that.

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