Running funny We have a

Running funny
We have a lot in common with the British — including educational idiocy. According to the BBC, an English primary school has banned parents from sports day lest they embarrass their unathletic children.

In a letter to parents, (Head Teacher Judith) Wressel writes: “Taking part in traditional races can be difficult and often embarrassing for many children, which is why we now envisage a different outdoor activity event which will suit all children.”

The school is working on eliminating competitive events, and may let parents attend next year, if the kiddies can take the pressure.

I remember Field Day at Ravinia School. I came in last. My parents pointed out that I might have nipped some of the slower girls if I’d run straight for the finish line, instead of proceeding diagonally across the field. Every year, we had to race in Field Day. With practice in running straight, I was able to come in second to last, and sometimes third to last. Never, in any event, did I win a ribbon — except for the stupid green participation ribbon that everybody got in kindergarten before the race. I might add “stupid” was the consensus view of the kindergarten class. I lived.

Via Tongue Tied, which also reports on Wesleyan’s gender-blind floor for transgendered and “genitally ambiguous” students.

The new housing is “ideal for students whose gender identification and/or gender expression varies from the standard paradigm and for students who believe that their gender should not factor into the decision of whom to live with,” the mission statement says.

Or heterosexual couples who want to share a room. After all, that’s a form of “gender expression,” and Wesleyan has vowed not to discriminate.

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