Los estados unidos de dollares

Los estados unidos de dollares
In Jonathan Gewirtz’s community-college Spanish class, the instructor read a textbook passage on why immigrants come to the U.S. They come for money and jobs, said the text. But many Americans oppose immigration because foreigners are too darn furrin. No mention that immigrants might seek freedom in the U.S. Or that Americans might have non-xenophobic reasons for opposing immigration.

Is this kind of subtly anti-American multi-culti bullshit typical of language texts nowadays?

Multicult texts often banish the old rah-rah Americanism while getting rah-rah about everywhere else. Wouldn’t want to lower the self-esteem of them furriners.

Years ago, I did a series called E Pluribus Who? for the San Jose Merc. For one segment, immigrants who were learning English in community college wrote on the topic: “What America Means to Me.” I also got an elementary teacher to assign the theme to her students, most of whom were foreign born or from immigrant families. Some of the essays made me cry.

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