Insano in Lintuvia Over on

Insano in Lintuvia
Over on IMAO, President Bush plans to test Black Project Insano on the island dictatorship of Lintuvia, but only Dick Cheney knows who knows who knows what it is. And nobody knows where he is.

“This is idiotic,” Rumsfeld commented, “Can’t we just bomb countries and shoot people as normal?”

“Do not underestimate the power of Black Project Insano!” Rice shot back, “First we test it on Lintuvia, and then the world will be mine!” She started laughing evilly, but then noticed everyone staring at her. “Uh … I mean the world will be at peace and run by the U.S.”

“I’m going to look for Dick Cheney,” Bush said. He then went to the door of the conference room and shouted out, “Laura! Is Dick in one of the cupboards in the kitchen?”

“Honey, I can’t always be finding Cheney for you,” Laura answered.

Also, Ari Fleischer uses a laser pointer to defenestrate Helen Thomas, and the Fox News reporter refuses to take off her bikini top.

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